Holiday Checklist: plane tickets, accommodation...making your Will

Tuesday December 19, 2017

Holiday Checklist:  plane tickets, accommodation...making your Will

Planning an overseas trip is exciting and the checklist may include:  plane tickets, accommodation, adventure tours, books to take, insurance, vaccinations, getting the dog minded, getting the children minded or organising the children’s passports as well as your own passports, and making your Will.

At Hicks Oakley Chessell Williams we find that planning a holiday is one of the main reasons for people to finally get around to making their Will. 

No one likes to think about dying, however protecting themselves, their families and their assets in case the unthinkable happens seems to come to the forefront of people’s minds as they are about to jet off.

Fear of flying is a factor for many people and a series of missing planes and increased terrorist attacks hasn’t helped.  Some people who have never had a fear of flying pre-children develop one with parenthood.  Some would prefer to ‘all go down together’ rather than die and leave the children without them.  Parents jetting off without the kids may start to panic and think about nominating a guardian for the children, just in case.

Holiday Wills

Some people are making Wills that only apply if they die on holidays.  Provisions in Holiday Wills typically include what should happen to them if they die overseas or on the actual flight.  They may have specific wishes to be carried out with regards to their funeral arrangements.

Powers of Attorneys

It’s a good idea to have these made at the same time.  Powers of Attorney will ensure that you have appointed someone to make decisions for you whilst you’re away, or if you are unable to make them for yourself when you return.

Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute

We advise that it’s better to plan your Will a couple of months before your departure date – giving you peace of mind and reducing the last minute rushing around.  Make sure your Will is correctly signed and witnessed before you leave. Once your Will is done, unless your situation changes, it should be good for your next holiday as well. 

It’s also wise to make sure your family know where copies of your Wills are and who your solicitor is who has the original as well as funeral wishes (as often Wills are not checked until after the funeral).

Once the Wills are made and the children’s guardians named, it’s time to relax.  Enjoy your holiday.