Domestic Building Disputes Resolution Melbourne

Domestic Building Disputes

Our domestic building lawyers highly recommend that you come to see us before you sign a building contract, however if the contract is already signed and there is a disagreement, we are here to help and advise you on your options. We act for builders, sub-contractors and tradespeople as well as homeowners.

Our domestic building legal services include advice on:

  • The building contract - let us check it for you before you sign
  • Pre-building check lists - depending on the amount the building works are worth – will include: e.g. quotes, contracts, insurance, is the builder registered, compliance certificates from plumbers and electricians, etc.
  • Progress payments, construction stages and variances in payment schedules
  • Variations in the building works – a common source of dispute as it can result in cost increases
  • Building defects – breach of the builder's implied warranties, failure to meet the standard or quality of work as specified in the contract
  • Building delays – a major domestic building contract must provide owners with certainty as to the building timetable, also setting out allowances for inclement weather, weekends, public holidays
  • Termination of building contract by either the builder or the homeowner
  • Protection works – owners proposing to carry out building works (including demolition and removal) have obligations to protect adjoining property from potential damage

There are a number of websites with information for both builders and tradespeople and also homeowners such as the DBDRV.  Building Dispute Resolution Useful Links.

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