Domestic Building Disputes Resolution Melbourne VIC

Domestic Building Disputes

Our domestic building lawyers emphasise the importance of consulting with us before signing a building contract. However, if a contract disagreement arises post-signing, we're here to provide guidance and assistance. We represent builders, subcontractors, tradespeople, and homeowners alike.

Our domestic building legal services encompass:

  • Building contract review: Allow us to thoroughly examine your contract before you commit
  • Pre-building checklists: Depending on project value, these lists include quotes, contracts, insurance, builder registration, compliance certificates, etc
  • Progress payments and payment schedule variations
  • Building work variations: A frequent cause of disputes leading to potential cost hikes
  • Building defects: Addressing breaches of implied warranties or failure to meet specified quality standards
  • Building delays: Contracts should outline clear timetables and allowances for unforeseen circumstances
  • Contract termination by either party
  • Protection works: Owners must ensure neighboring properties are safeguarded during construction activities.

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