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Family Law

Our specialist family and divorce lawyers aim to provide our clients with the most sensible advice in dealing with complex family matters.

Our family lawyers have the support of specialists, both within and outside our law firm, for expertise in accountancy, financial planning, real estate, litigation and dispute resolution.

We offer family law advice in the following areas:

Generally there are two kinds of approaches:

  1. Immediate, acrimonious and often expensive litigation. People are left drained both emotionally and financially and future relationships with their partner can be more difficult; and
  2. Resolution by reasoned negotiation, mediation and using the most common sense and fair approach. In this way we aim to minimise emotional and financial stress and leave clients with the best possible outcome.

Our family lawyers encourage and support clients to try the second approach first. Our aim is to achieve the best result for our client in the most cost effective way.

However, there are some matters where it becomes necessary to litigate the matter in Court. This may be due to a matter of urgency to protect children or property and in those matters we work with experienced family law barristers to achieve the best result for our clients. Our family law specialists offer constant advice as to how the case is progressing so that a decision can be made early as to whether to proceed with court action or not.

Appointments to see our family and divorce lawyers can be made in either our Melbourne office or our Mount Waverley office, in the South East of Melbourne.

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