Australian Consumer Law

Consumer law is usually concerned with claims for or against suppliers where there is a dispute over goods or services provided.

This might include a claim that the goods or services were not fit for purpose, or were of unsatisfactory quality. Sometimes there is a claim that there has been misleading or deceptive conduct, or unconscionable conduct, by one of the parties.

The Australian Consumer Law made under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 is the legislation that sets out the required standard of behaviour in consumer transactions. There are provisions relating to unfair contract terms, which are in the process of being extended so that small businesses are also protected in some situations.

Our lawyers have experience in acting for the consumer and the supplier in these types of claims. They may be claims in the courts or in VCAT. In one long running claim in the Federal Court in which we acted for the applicants, there were claims made that the applicants were induced to invest in recruitment businesses through misleading and deceptive conduct and misleading representations. The Court upheld these claims and found in favour of the applicants.

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