Insolvency Legal Services Melbourne


Disputes relating to insolvency are broad ranging and require specialist knowledge.

We act for creditors in winding up companies, through the statutory demand procedure. If there is a genuine dispute about a debt we could be instructed by the company to apply to set aside the demand.

We also act for companies caught up in the liquidation procedure in other ways, for example companies facing a claim that they have received a preferential payment and are required to repay it to the liquidator. Sometimes individuals may be targeted by a liquidator or bankruptcy trustee. We are experienced in responding to those claims.

In acting for liquidators, we have experience in pursuing claims to try to recover the most possible for the benefit of all the creditors. Set offs and running accounts can be claimed by creditors and these can lead to disputes about whether any amount is required to be paid to the liquidator. We give accurate and timely advice in these situations.

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